Carlton Melton “Handling Snakes” limited edition 7″ now available for pre-order!

Limited edition “Handling Snakes” 7″ available for pre-order now – CLICK HERE!

The band CARLTON MELTON formed along the Mendocino County coastline in Northern California on the weekend of July 17th, 2008. The idea to play live, loud, improvised, experimental, instrumental, psychedelic music in a geodesic dome had been discussed for many years prior to this date. The opportunity came to fruition after the dome was completely rebuilt and the acoustic sounds inside were fully realized.

The music is recorded live inside the dome to analog and digital sources using omni-directional microphones. All music is improvised in the sense that no one really knows who or what is going to be played at any given time. There are no rehearsals, practices, demonstration tapes, second takes… what you hear is the first take… ” Hit It And Quit It ” as Funkadelic would prescribe. There are no studios. We record in Brian’s house and Brian happens to live in a geodesic dome.

It is understood this music is not for everyone. If you prefer top-notch, modern day production and crafty songwriting you may want to stop here. If you prefer old SST label cassette tapes or an early Spaceman 3 cassette you recently found wedged in the back seat of your car you may dig some of this.

Rich Millman – guitar / synth
Andy Duvall – drums / guitar
John Steuernagel – bass
Brian McDougall – drums
Clint Golden – bass (live)

Release date: January 11, 2011
Format: 7″
Songs: Handling Snakes b/w The One That Got Away
Edition: 500 on black vinyl
Artwork: Alan Forbes
Other info: deluxe silkscreened packaging, signed / numbered by Alan Forbes


For fans of Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo, Sleepy Sun, early Pink Floyd


“The field of psychedelic hypnno-drone rock in San Francisco keeps getting wider, and more amazing. Along with Wooden Shjips, Sleepy Sun and The Lumerians comes the slow growth space rock of Carlton Melton. Recommended!” – Aquarius Records

Top 10 – J. Mascis for Filter Magazine

“I bet if you went to the dome where the album was recorded you could still hear the music bouncing around the room…trapped in the dome creating an undistinguishable wash of sound to bathe in for an eternity. Highly recommended for any fan of neo-psych or space rock. Get your hands on it before it’s gone.” – Dave W. (White Hills / Rocket Recordings)

“There are bands, and on this website we are lucky enough to deal with a fair few of them, who defy convention and easy categorization. Reference points may be offered, but essentially such bands exist in their own little world, utterly unaffected by trends or popularist concerns. Carlton Melton are one such band – a willfully psychedelic beast tinged with blues, doom, drone and feral rock energy that recall the majesty of Earthless and the spontaneity of early Pink Floyd” – Sonic Abuse

“Finally, a psychedelic band that successfully crosses generations, appealing equally to old school bong-bubblers, kinky krautrockers and the new school of psychedelic stooges. Can-style jams, trance-inducing drones and Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd ambiance may be the foundation here but these improv jams easily break from the tether of their influences and soar righteously through the stratosphere. Freak out!” – Montreal Mirror


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