Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Recently some close friends of ours at Secret Serpents were directly affected by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. After being in Christchurch, New Zealand during the recent earthquake, the Melvins headed to Japan to continue their tour. While images continue to come in from the devastated country, the band was able to escape relatively unscathed.

Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno created the tour poster for the Melvins tour of Japan. While she currently resides in San Francisco, her family is still in Japan and, thankfully, is doing well.

We are currently donating a portion of the sales of Junko Mizuno’s recent Melvins posters sold through our eBay store.

Click on the images for a direct link for each poster in our eBay store.


7 Responses to “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief”

  1. Awesome!! I will be purchasing a poster, very, very soon!

  2. Samuel Acosta Says:

    A portion? What does that mean? Five percent? Fifty percent? It smells like you’re just using the disaster in Japan to boost sales.

  3. It’s really rad that you guys are doing this! Big props to Secret Serpents. My heart is with Junko and everyone affected by this tragedy.

  4. Yeah, great idea, I ordered mine just a couple of days ago ! I think the design of the posters is aweome !

    Get your ! 😉

    Japan is gonna rise up again soon !

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