2012 Swans tour series

We recently curated a tour series for the first leg of the Swans US tour. Check out the posters below and where to purchase them! We also have previous Swans tour posters available through our website HERE and our eBay store HERE!

Swans – Austin 2012 by Junko Mizuno (available through Secret Serpents)

Swans – San Francisco 2012 by Alan Forbes (available through Secret Serpents)

Swans – Seattle 2012 by Laura Stalions (available through L. Stalions)

Swans – Portland 2012 by Justin Walsh (not yet available)

Swans – Los Angeles 2012 by Justin Kamerer (available through Angryblue.com)

Swans – Lincoln 2012 by Eric Nyffeler (available though Doe Eyed)

Swans – Houston 2012 by Viral Graphics (artist to release copies shortly)

Swans – Denver 2012 by Malleus (available through Secret Serpents and Malleus)

Swans – Denver 2012 by Malleus – VARIANT – (available though Secret Serpents)

Swans – Dallas 2012 by Brian Ewing (available through Brian Ewing)


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