2013 MUDHONEY European posters now available!

Mudhoney just wrapped up a big European tour! If you weren’t able to catch any of the shows, below are links to where you can purchase the posters! In addition, all previous Mudhoney posters available through Secret Serpents are on sale now. CLICK HERE for more information!


Dusseldorf 2013 by Anonymous Ink (available through Anonymous Ink)

Copenhagen 2013 by Mathias Valdez (available through Mathias Valdez)

Berlin 2013 by Malleus (available through Secret Serpents)

Hamburg 2013 by Lars Krause (available through Lars Krause)

Prague 2013 by Michael Hacker (available though Michael Hacker)

Firenze 2013 by Clockwork Pictures (available through Clockwork Pictures)

Lausanne 2013 by Viral Graphics (available through Viral Graphics)

Winterhur 2013 by Elvisdead (available through Elvisdead)

Brighton 2013 by Dan Bowden (available through Dan Bowden)

London 2013 by Adam Pobiak (available through Adam Pobiak)

Bristol 2013 by Chris Hitchman (available through Chris Hitchman)

Birmingham 2013 by Weird Beard (available soon)


One Response to “2013 MUDHONEY European posters now available!”

  1. …Mudhoney listen whole my life, from his first Lp untill now…but, one thing i cannot understand, why they never play in Serbia,Belgrade…i truly hope that they will come,and play here!!!
    Mark,Steve,Dan&Guy…i’ll wait to see you guy’s live on stage…if someone read this, just say ROCK ON MUDHONEY…

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