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2013 Graveyard tour series!

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Check out the recent Secret Serpents curated tour series for Sweden’s GRAVEYARD! Purchasing info, if available, is listed.

Brian Mercer

Brian Ewing

Arik Roper – available HERE

Viral Graphics – available HERE

Neal Williams – available HERE

Elvisdead – available HERE

Adam Pobiak – available HERE

Shawn Knight – available HERE

Lastleaf Printing – available HERE

Aaron Horkey

Weird Beard 72

Alan Forbes – available HERE

Alan Forbes (original ink) – available HERE

John Howard – available HERE

Billy Perkins – available HERE

Anonymous Ink – available HERE

Richie Goodtimes

Tomahawk posters now available!

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We’ve just added the posters from Tomahawk’s recent two-night run at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco!
Tomahawk is: Mike Patton (Mr Bungle / Faith No More / Fantomas); Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard); Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle / Melvins); John Stanier (Helmet / Battles)

Click on the links below for more information!

San Francisco 2013 by Huck Gee
San Francisco 2013 by Huck Gee – BAND SIGNED!

San Francisco 2013 by Skinner
San Francisco 2013 by Skinner – BAND SIGNED!

Other posters from the 2013 tour available though the artists direct:

Seattle 2013 by Anonymous Ink

Portland 2013 by Brian Ewing

Santa Ana 2013 by Lil Tuffy

Los Angeles 2013 by John Howard

2012 Tomahawk posters still available:

Dallas 2012 by Junko Mizuno

Houston 2012 by Marq Spusta

Austin 2012 by Bobby Dixon

Memphis 2012 by Justin Kamerer

2012 Melvins Lite (record breaking!) tour series

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Check out some of the series of posters we curated for the Melvins Guiness Book record breaking ’50 States + D.C. in 51 Days Record Breaker Fall U.S. Tour’. For purchasing information, just click the links! More images and links coming soon…..

Honolulu, Hawaii by Alan Forbes (available though Secret Serpents)

Las Vegas, Nevada by Junko Mizuno (available though Secret Serpents)

Anchorage, Alaska by Mauz (available though Secret Serpents)

Athens, Georgia by Mike Murphy (available though Secret Serpents)

Lawrence, Kansas by Droid (available though Secret Serpents)

Washington DC by Laura Stalions (available though Secret Serpents)

Dover, New Hampshire by John Howard (available through Secret Serpents. Also available through John Howard.

Missoula, Montana by Malleus (available though Secret Serpents). Also available through Malleus.

Pensacola, Florida by Viral Graphics (available through Secret Serpents). Also available through Viral Graphics.

Austin, Texas by Bobby Dixon (available through Bobby Dixon)

Louisville, KY by Justin Kamerer (available through Justin Kamerer)

Salt Lake City, Utah by Seattle Show Posters (available through Seattle Show Posters)

Boston, Massachusetts by Fred Struckholz (available through Fred Struckholz)

Cleveland, Ohio by Ryan Duggan (available through Ryan Duggan

Brooklyn, New York by David Welker (available through David Welker)

Hoboken, New Jersey by Jeff LaChance (available through Jeff LaChance)

Indianapolis, Indiana by Dan Grzeca (available through Dan Grzeca)

Detroit, Michigan by Shawn Knight & Michael Hacker (available through Shawn Knight)

Seattle, Washington by Ross Sewage (available though Ross Sewage)

Allentown, Pennsylvania by Jim Altieri (available through Jim Altieri)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island by Pete Cardoso (available through Pete Cardoso)

Portland, Oregon by Justin Walsh (not available)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Marty Boe (not yet available)

Los Angeles, California by Brian Ewing SOLD OUT!

2012 Swans tour series

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We recently curated a tour series for the first leg of the Swans US tour. Check out the posters below and where to purchase them! We also have previous Swans tour posters available through our website HERE and our eBay store HERE!

Swans – Austin 2012 by Junko Mizuno (available through Secret Serpents)

Swans – San Francisco 2012 by Alan Forbes (available through Secret Serpents)

Swans – Seattle 2012 by Laura Stalions (available through L. Stalions)

Swans – Portland 2012 by Justin Walsh (not yet available)

Swans – Los Angeles 2012 by Justin Kamerer (available through

Swans – Lincoln 2012 by Eric Nyffeler (available though Doe Eyed)

Swans – Houston 2012 by Viral Graphics (artist to release copies shortly)

Swans – Denver 2012 by Malleus (available through Secret Serpents and Malleus)

Swans – Denver 2012 by Malleus – VARIANT – (available though Secret Serpents)

Swans – Dallas 2012 by Brian Ewing (available through Brian Ewing)