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April 2014 news!

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Alan Forbes was recently commissioned by Sleepy Sun to handle the cover art for their newest CD/LP release ‘Maui Tears’. He decided to take on the task by creating an oil and acrylic painting on wood! The original artwork is now available to purchase in our store!
Click on the images for more information

Sleepy Sun

On sale this month!


On sale 4/1/14 – 4/6/14
Altamont – San Francisco 2013 by Alan Forbes and Junko Mizuno

Legion of Mary – Oregon 1974 by Alan Forbes
Legion of Mary

Swans – Bonnaroo 2013 by Dan Grzeca


On sale 4/7/14 – 4/13/14

Golden Void / Hot Lunch / Harsh Toke – San Francisco 2013 by Alan Forbes

Golden Void

High On Fire – Cleveland 2006 by Emek

High On Fire

Swans – Los Angeles 2012 by Justin Kamerer



 On sale 4/14/14 – 4/20/14

Dinosaur Jr – Victoria, BC by Patent Pending

Dinosaur Jr

Faith No More – Bucharest 2009 by Marq Spusta

Faith No More

Swans – Helsinki 2013 by John Howard



On sale 4/21/14 – 4/27/14

AC Newman – Pontiac, MI 2009 by Lonny Hurley

AC Newman

High On Fire / Torche – Denver 2010 by Tim Lehi

High On Fire

Mudhoney – Mezzago, IT 2012 by Malleus



Other news!

International shipping

We’ve started shipping international orders via USPS First Class with tracking. What does that mean for our international customers? Shipping just got a lot cheaper!

Upcoming tour series

Upcoming tour series that we’ve curated include: Graveyard (US tour), Sleepy Sun (US tour), The Sonics (European tour), and Swans (European and US tours).

Upcoming projects by Alan Forbes

A few posters Alan has been working on include Earthless, Goat, and Graveyard. Also keep an eye out for some more merch for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood…

Alan Forbes Benefit

We still have items in the eBay store that was set up for the Alan Forbes Benefit. More items are still being added! Check it out HERE!

Valley King Records updates!

White Manna

We have started taking pre-orders for the next Valley King Records release – White Manna’s ‘Come Down Safari’ LP. This is the second picture disc that we’ve released…and first full length!

As with all Valley King Records releases, this is limited to just 500 copies and artwork is by Alan Forbes. Once they sell out they won’t be repressed! All pre-orders will include a die-cut vinyl sticker based on the artwork. We are also offering a $5.00 discount on all pre-orders!

“Much of the edge of their set – which takes places amidst a backdrop of retina-burning ink projections of purples, blues and whites – comes from vocalist and guitarist David Johnson. He uses each loop of their psychedelic reel to whip himself up into a frothing at the mouth frenzy, to the point where his repeated mantras become unhinged howls, raging against the bone-hard space rock of his four band mates. In a recent interview, Johnson revealed he didn’t pick up a guitar until his late 20’s, which partly explains the primal nature of White Manna’s wonderfully swampy sound: on the one hand they’re heading towards the cosmos, but on the other they possess the raw punk nous of seminal garage bands like The MC5 and The Stooges.” – NME


We still have a very some of our previous releases in very limited quantities!

AnywhereAnywhere ‘Olompali’ 12″ EP Picture Disc

members of the Melvins, Nirvana, Comets on Fire, and more!

AltamontAltamont ‘Mrs Creech’ 7″

members of the Melvins, Acid King, and Big Business

Black Elk Medicine BandBlack Elk Medicine Band ‘Santa Ana’ 7″

debut release featuring members of Earthless, Trans Am, and Monster Magnet

Feral OhmsFeral Ohms ‘Living Junkyard’ 7″

debut release featuring members of Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, and Nudity

Pins of LightPins of Light ‘The New Sun’ 7″

members of Dead and Gone, Hightower, and Triclops!

Quick Links!

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2013 Graveyard tour series!

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Check out the recent Secret Serpents curated tour series for Sweden’s GRAVEYARD! Purchasing info, if available, is listed.

Brian Mercer

Brian Ewing

Arik Roper – available HERE

Viral Graphics – available HERE

Neal Williams – available HERE

Elvisdead – available HERE

Adam Pobiak – available HERE

Shawn Knight – available HERE

Lastleaf Printing – available HERE

Aaron Horkey

Weird Beard 72

Alan Forbes – available HERE

Alan Forbes (original ink) – available HERE

John Howard – available HERE

Billy Perkins – available HERE

Anonymous Ink – available HERE

Richie Goodtimes

Tomahawk posters now available!

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We’ve just added the posters from Tomahawk’s recent two-night run at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco!
Tomahawk is: Mike Patton (Mr Bungle / Faith No More / Fantomas); Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard); Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle / Melvins); John Stanier (Helmet / Battles)

Click on the links below for more information!

San Francisco 2013 by Huck Gee
San Francisco 2013 by Huck Gee – BAND SIGNED!

San Francisco 2013 by Skinner
San Francisco 2013 by Skinner – BAND SIGNED!

Other posters from the 2013 tour available though the artists direct:

Seattle 2013 by Anonymous Ink

Portland 2013 by Brian Ewing

Santa Ana 2013 by Lil Tuffy

Los Angeles 2013 by John Howard

2012 Tomahawk posters still available:

Dallas 2012 by Junko Mizuno

Houston 2012 by Marq Spusta

Austin 2012 by Bobby Dixon

Memphis 2012 by Justin Kamerer

New additions to the store!

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Check out the latest additions to our webstore!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Charleston, SC 2012 by Alan Forbes
Artist edition of 25

Melvins Lite – Honolulu, HI 2012 by Alan Forbes
Edition of 80

Melvins Lite – Honolulu, HI 2012 original ink by Alan Forbes

Melvins Lite – Las Vegas, NV 2012 by Junko Mizuno
Edition of 100

Tomahawk – Dallas 2012 by Junko Mizuno
Edition of 67

Melvins Lite – Anchorage, AK 2012 by Mauz
Edition of 70

Melvins Lite – Louisville, KY 2012 by Justin Kamerer
Edition of 180

Melvins Lite – Athens, GA 2012 by Mike Murphy
Edition of 66

Melvins Lite – Lawrence, KS 2012 by Droid
Edition of 50

Melvins Lite – Washington DC 2012 by Laura Stalions
Edition of 50

Melvins Lite – Dover, NH 2012 by John Howard
Edition of 100

Melvins Lite – Pensacola, FL 2012 by Viral Graphics
Edition of 100

Swans – Los Angeles, CA 2012 by Justin Kamerer
Edition of 200

Swans – Houston 2012 by Viral Graphics
Edition of 100

Fucked Up – San Francisco 2012 by Viral Graphics
Edition of 100

2012 Melvins Lite (record breaking!) tour series

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Check out some of the series of posters we curated for the Melvins Guiness Book record breaking ’50 States + D.C. in 51 Days Record Breaker Fall U.S. Tour’. For purchasing information, just click the links! More images and links coming soon…..

Honolulu, Hawaii by Alan Forbes (available though Secret Serpents)

Las Vegas, Nevada by Junko Mizuno (available though Secret Serpents)

Anchorage, Alaska by Mauz (available though Secret Serpents)

Athens, Georgia by Mike Murphy (available though Secret Serpents)

Lawrence, Kansas by Droid (available though Secret Serpents)

Washington DC by Laura Stalions (available though Secret Serpents)

Dover, New Hampshire by John Howard (available through Secret Serpents. Also available through John Howard.

Missoula, Montana by Malleus (available though Secret Serpents). Also available through Malleus.

Pensacola, Florida by Viral Graphics (available through Secret Serpents). Also available through Viral Graphics.

Austin, Texas by Bobby Dixon (available through Bobby Dixon)

Louisville, KY by Justin Kamerer (available through Justin Kamerer)

Salt Lake City, Utah by Seattle Show Posters (available through Seattle Show Posters)

Boston, Massachusetts by Fred Struckholz (available through Fred Struckholz)

Cleveland, Ohio by Ryan Duggan (available through Ryan Duggan

Brooklyn, New York by David Welker (available through David Welker)

Hoboken, New Jersey by Jeff LaChance (available through Jeff LaChance)

Indianapolis, Indiana by Dan Grzeca (available through Dan Grzeca)

Detroit, Michigan by Shawn Knight & Michael Hacker (available through Shawn Knight)

Seattle, Washington by Ross Sewage (available though Ross Sewage)

Allentown, Pennsylvania by Jim Altieri (available through Jim Altieri)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island by Pete Cardoso (available through Pete Cardoso)

Portland, Oregon by Justin Walsh (not available)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Marty Boe (not yet available)

Los Angeles, California by Brian Ewing SOLD OUT!

Gigposters Volume 2 book now available through Secret Serpents!

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We are now carrying the Gigposters Volume 2 book by Clay Hayes! If you don’t know who Clay is, he’s the man behind the site
Click HERE for purchasing info!

Includes 101 perforated and ready-to-hang posters along with hundreds of other poster images and designer biographies. Packaged in an oversized 11-by-14-inch paperback, Gig Posters Volume II is a spectacular compilation of rock show art (and a great way to decorate a dorm room or apartment).

Adam Pobiak, Alan Hynes, Alana Bailey, Altieri Art, Ames Bros, Anville, AS Printing Press, Atzgerei, Baker Prints, Blackheart Studios, Ben Wilson, Broken Press, The Bubble Process, The Bungaloo, Chicken Billy, Clint Wilson, Clinton Reno, The Comet Substance, Concepcion Studios, Craig Horky, Craig Updegrove, David V. D’Andrea, Dead Meat, Dirty Donny Gillies, DKNG, Doe Eyed, Doublenaut, Douze Studio Dresden, Dr. Alderete, Droid, Empire Press, Erick Montes, Frida Clements, Ghost-Town Studio, Graham Pilling, Gunsho, The Half and Half, Hatch Show Print, Hyp Inc, Idiot or Genius?, Insurgentarts, Iron Canvas Studios, Iskra Print Collective, Isle of Printing, Ivan Minsloff, James Flames, Jeral Tidwell, Jeremy Wilson, Jim Mazza, Joe Whyte, John Howard, Johnny Sampson, Justin Santora, Kill Hatsumomo Prints, Kunny van der Ploeg, Landland, Madpixel Art and Design, Mara Piccione, Mark McCormick, Mark Sgarbossa, Marq Spusta, Matt Terich, Maximum Flouride Killustration, Mike Saputo, Mike Weihs, Mile 44, Nat Damm, Nerl Says Design, Nick DuPey, Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables, Pfahlert Creative Labs, Punchgut, R. Black, Rich Kelly, Robbie Fuct, Ryan Duggan, Scott Campbell, Scraped Knee Studios, Scrawled Design, Shawn K. Knight, The Silent Giants, Small Horse Studio, Sonnenzimmer, Spike Press, Standard Deluxe Inc, Standard Design, Status Serigraph, Subject Matter Studio, Switchopen Illustrations, T-Bone & Aljax Production and Design, Tim Huesken, Tom Bagley, Traci Edwards, Two Arms Inc, Two Rabbits Studios, Tyler Stout, Uglybogus, Us & Them, Weapons of Mass Design, Weathermaker Press, Will Ruocco

Each book will include 1 of 4 bonus 10″ x 13″ silkscreened art prints by Landland (selected at random):

Melvins / Unsane tour series

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Check out the posters from the Melvins and Unsane recent trek across the US. Please note that some, not all, posters are available via the Secret Serpents web store. Others are available directly from the artists (click the links for more information).

San Jose, CA by Mike Murphy (via Secret Serpents)

San Francisco, CA by Alan Forbes (via Secret Serpents)

Los Angeles, CA by Lil Tuffy (via Secret Serpents)

San Diego, CA by Malleus (via Secret Serpents)

El Paso, TX by John Howard (via Secret Serpents or John Howard)

Austin, TX by Jared Connor aka Mexican Chocolate Design (not available at this time)

New Orleans, LA by Ross Sewage (via Ross Sewage)

Gainesville, FL by Laura Stalions (not available at this time)

Atlanta, GA by Methane Studios (via Methane Studios)

Charlotte, NC by Drew Binkley (via Secret Serpents or Drew Binkley)

West Chester, PA by Jim Altieri (sold out)

New York, NY by Tara McPherson (via Cotton Candy Machine)

Milwaukee, WI by Justin Walsh (poster not available)

Nashville, TN by Andy Vastagh (via Boss Construction)

Dallas, TX by Justin Kamerer (via Angryblue)

Santa Fe, NM by David Welker (via Secret Serpents)

Santa Ana, CA by Junko Mizuno (via Secret Serpents)

New additions to the store!

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We have a few new Sleepy Sun and Melvins / Unsane posters from their current tours along with some older Melvins posters!

Click on the images for more information!

Sleepy Sun and White Hills / Philadelphia 2012 by Gregg Gordon

Sleepy Sun and Crystal Antlers / Los Angeles 2012 by John Howard
Red Edition

Blue Edition

Yellow Edition

Melvins and Unsane / San Francisco 2012 by Alan Forbes (note: the edition sold out at the show – we only have a couple of artist proofs available)

Melvins and Unsane / San Diego 2012 by Malleus

Melvins and Unsane / Los Angeles 2012 by Lil Tuffy

Melvins and Unsane / San Jose 2012 by Mike Murphy

Melvins and Unsane / El Paso 2012 by John Howard

Melvins / Costa Mesa 2010 by Jason Goad

Melvins / Olympia 2010 by Justin Walsh

Melvins 25th Anniversary / NYC 2009 by Adam Jones

Melvins 25th Anniversary with Green River / Seattle 2009 by Buzz Osbourne

Melvins 25th Anniversary with Green River / Seattle 2009 by Jeff Ament – AUTOGRAPHED BY BOTH BANDS