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April 2014 news!

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Alan Forbes was recently commissioned by Sleepy Sun to handle the cover art for their newest CD/LP release ‘Maui Tears’. He decided to take on the task by creating an oil and acrylic painting on wood! The original artwork is now available to purchase in our store!
Click on the images for more information

Sleepy Sun

On sale this month!


On sale 4/1/14 – 4/6/14
Altamont – San Francisco 2013 by Alan Forbes and Junko Mizuno

Legion of Mary – Oregon 1974 by Alan Forbes
Legion of Mary

Swans – Bonnaroo 2013 by Dan Grzeca


On sale 4/7/14 – 4/13/14

Golden Void / Hot Lunch / Harsh Toke – San Francisco 2013 by Alan Forbes

Golden Void

High On Fire – Cleveland 2006 by Emek

High On Fire

Swans – Los Angeles 2012 by Justin Kamerer



 On sale 4/14/14 – 4/20/14

Dinosaur Jr – Victoria, BC by Patent Pending

Dinosaur Jr

Faith No More – Bucharest 2009 by Marq Spusta

Faith No More

Swans – Helsinki 2013 by John Howard



On sale 4/21/14 – 4/27/14

AC Newman – Pontiac, MI 2009 by Lonny Hurley

AC Newman

High On Fire / Torche – Denver 2010 by Tim Lehi

High On Fire

Mudhoney – Mezzago, IT 2012 by Malleus



Other news!

International shipping

We’ve started shipping international orders via USPS First Class with tracking. What does that mean for our international customers? Shipping just got a lot cheaper!

Upcoming tour series

Upcoming tour series that we’ve curated include: Graveyard (US tour), Sleepy Sun (US tour), The Sonics (European tour), and Swans (European and US tours).

Upcoming projects by Alan Forbes

A few posters Alan has been working on include Earthless, Goat, and Graveyard. Also keep an eye out for some more merch for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood…

Alan Forbes Benefit

We still have items in the eBay store that was set up for the Alan Forbes Benefit. More items are still being added! Check it out HERE!

Valley King Records updates!

White Manna

We have started taking pre-orders for the next Valley King Records release – White Manna’s ‘Come Down Safari’ LP. This is the second picture disc that we’ve released…and first full length!

As with all Valley King Records releases, this is limited to just 500 copies and artwork is by Alan Forbes. Once they sell out they won’t be repressed! All pre-orders will include a die-cut vinyl sticker based on the artwork. We are also offering a $5.00 discount on all pre-orders!

“Much of the edge of their set – which takes places amidst a backdrop of retina-burning ink projections of purples, blues and whites – comes from vocalist and guitarist David Johnson. He uses each loop of their psychedelic reel to whip himself up into a frothing at the mouth frenzy, to the point where his repeated mantras become unhinged howls, raging against the bone-hard space rock of his four band mates. In a recent interview, Johnson revealed he didn’t pick up a guitar until his late 20’s, which partly explains the primal nature of White Manna’s wonderfully swampy sound: on the one hand they’re heading towards the cosmos, but on the other they possess the raw punk nous of seminal garage bands like The MC5 and The Stooges.” – NME


We still have a very some of our previous releases in very limited quantities!

AnywhereAnywhere ‘Olompali’ 12″ EP Picture Disc

members of the Melvins, Nirvana, Comets on Fire, and more!

AltamontAltamont ‘Mrs Creech’ 7″

members of the Melvins, Acid King, and Big Business

Black Elk Medicine BandBlack Elk Medicine Band ‘Santa Ana’ 7″

debut release featuring members of Earthless, Trans Am, and Monster Magnet

Feral OhmsFeral Ohms ‘Living Junkyard’ 7″

debut release featuring members of Comets on Fire, Drunk Horse, and Nudity

Pins of LightPins of Light ‘The New Sun’ 7″

members of Dead and Gone, Hightower, and Triclops!

Quick Links!

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February 2014 news!

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Alan Forbes Benefit – eBay store

We still have items available to benefit Alan Forbes medical bills. An eBay store has been set up specifically for the benefit. Right now we have items from Marq Spusta, Tyler Stout, Malleus, Crosshair, and more! Check back often as items are going up weekly.

The eBay store can be found HERE!


Valley King Records in Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine’s senior writer, David Fricke, listed Valley King Records in his Year In Rock List alongside Lou Reed and Bruce Springsteen! Thanks David!

The article can be found HERE!

Valley King Records releases can be found HERE!


Upcoming tour series

We are currently working on a few new official tour series including those for:


Sleepy Sun

The Sonics

Anywhere ‘Olompali’ 12″ EP pic disc is now available for pre-order!

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Anywhere have returned! The sonic collective experimentation started by Christian Eric Beaulieu (Triclops! / Peace Creep), Cedric Bixler Zavala (The Mars Volta / Zavalaz), and Mike Watt (The Stooges / Minutemen) has expanded it’s identity, unveiling the much anticipated 4 song Olompali EP.

The lineup this time around features Dale Crover (the Melvins / Altamont), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana / Sweet 75), Jonathan Hischke (Hella / EV Kain), Ethan Miller (Comets On Fire / Feral Ohms), Toshi Kasai (Big Business / Altamont), Bret Constatino (Sleepy Sun), Matt Holliman (Sleepy Sun), Cyrus Comisky (Drunk Horse / Howlin Rain), and Christian Eric Beaulieu.

This also marks the first non-7″ for Valley King Records as this is a 12″ EP picture disc! Artwork is by Alan Forbes. Limited to 500 copies.


Format: 12″ picture disc
Edition: 500
Artwork: Alan Forbes
Other info: Exclusive sticker for the first 100 pre-orders

Click HERE for pre-order information!


Justin Walsh posters now available!

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We now have posters by Justin Walsh available in very limited quantities (some as low as 1 copy!). We will be including test prints for all orders of $100 or more of his posters while supplies last!

Click the image below for more information!


AC Newman – San Francisco 2012
Altamont – Tour 2010
Black Heart Procession – Tour 2009
Dinosaur Jr – Milwaukee 2009
Down / Melvins – New York 2009
High On Fire – Brooklyn 2012
Melvins – Brooklyn 2012
Melvins – Olympia – 2010
Melvins / Unsane – Milwaukee 2012
Melvins Lite – Portland 2012
New Pornographers – Brooklyn 2010
Sermon – Tour 2010
Sleepy Sun – Brooklyn 2010
Swans – Portland 2012

Alan Forbes inks now available!

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We just added a few of Forbes new inks to the store. Click on each image for more information!

Ghost ‘Secular Haze’ 2012 original ink
Used for the upcoming ‘Secular Haze’ record by Sweden’s GHOST

Howlin Rain & Vetiver / Cafe du Nord – 2012 original ink
New Years Eve – San Francisco
Howlin Rain

Sleepy Sun / Australia tour – 2012 original ink
For Sleepy Sun’s upcoming 2013 Australia tour
Sleepy Sun

New additions to the store!

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We have a few new Sleepy Sun and Melvins / Unsane posters from their current tours along with some older Melvins posters!

Click on the images for more information!

Sleepy Sun and White Hills / Philadelphia 2012 by Gregg Gordon

Sleepy Sun and Crystal Antlers / Los Angeles 2012 by John Howard
Red Edition

Blue Edition

Yellow Edition

Melvins and Unsane / San Francisco 2012 by Alan Forbes (note: the edition sold out at the show – we only have a couple of artist proofs available)

Melvins and Unsane / San Diego 2012 by Malleus

Melvins and Unsane / Los Angeles 2012 by Lil Tuffy

Melvins and Unsane / San Jose 2012 by Mike Murphy

Melvins and Unsane / El Paso 2012 by John Howard

Melvins / Costa Mesa 2010 by Jason Goad

Melvins / Olympia 2010 by Justin Walsh

Melvins 25th Anniversary / NYC 2009 by Adam Jones

Melvins 25th Anniversary with Green River / Seattle 2009 by Buzz Osbourne

Melvins 25th Anniversary with Green River / Seattle 2009 by Jeff Ament – AUTOGRAPHED BY BOTH BANDS

New Alan Forbes inks for 2012….and on sale!

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Check out the sale we are having on some of Alan Forbes new original inks! Click on each image for more information!

Dunlop ‘Eye’ original ink (2012):

Graveyard / Radio Moscow at Slims in San Francisco original ink (2012) SOLD!

Howlin Rain / Soft White Sixties / Zodiac Death Valley at The Independent in San Francisco original ink (2012):

Sleepy Sun at the Catalyst in the Catalyst in Santa Cruz original ink (2012):

New additions, eBay store, and more!

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New to the webstore is Alan Forbes latest poster for psych rockers Sleepy Sun. The edition is very small for this one!

Sleepy Sun – Santa Cruz 2012


We’ve added more scratch and dent tubes to store! These are blind tubes this time around (meaning we aren’t taking requests on bands / genres / artists). There will be a minimum of 4 posters per tube…most have had more and extras…

Scratch and dent tube limited time special


We are going through the archives and putting up more posters and other merch in our eBay store in ‘Buy It Now’ and ‘Auctions’ formats. Keep an eye on both areas as we will be adding a ton more!

eBay store (for Auction items), Click HERE!
eBay store (for Buy It Now items), Click HERE!


For those who pre-ordered the latest Anywhere single, Infrared Moses, on Valley King Records, we have good news! All orders have shipped so keep an eye out! For those who missed the pre-order, we are sold out but there will be a limited amount available soon at the following locations:

Midheaven Mailorder

Aquarius Records

All That Is Heavy

Anywhere “Pyramid Mirrors” in stores!

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We are sold out of the most recent Valley King Records release, the ANYWHERE ‘Pyramid Mirrors’ EP, but there are a few stores that have them in (very limited) stock.

San Francisco:
Aquarius Records
1055 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110
tel 415.647.2272

San Diego:
Thirsty Moon Records
525 A Evans Place
San Diego, CA 92103
tel 619-542-1500

Midheaven Mailorder
All That Is Heavy

We also have the original artwork by Alan Forbes available that comes with a copy of the record on colored vinyl (only 50 on colored vinyl were made!). Click HERE for more info!


Check out Aquarius Records recent review of the Pyramid Mirrors single:

Local label Valley King are on fire, after singles by local space rockers Carlton Melton, SF psych stoners Golden Void, witchy Swedish rockers Spiders and Sweet Apple, the project of Witch’s Dave Sweetapple, comes this, the debut from L.A. supergroup Anywhere, which we have to say, we were a wee bit skeptical about. Not just because of the often bandied about ‘supergroup’ tag, but also cuz it seemed like a strange hodgepodge member-wise, Cedric Bixler Zavala of The Mars Volta and At The Drive In, Christian Eric Beaulieu of the late great Triclops!, Mike Watt of the Minutemen and fIREHOSE obviously, and finally Rachel Fannan from SF dreampsych combo Sleepy Sun. Weird right? The label explains how these folks all fell in together, but even then we weren’t sure what to expect, but whatever it was, it wasn’t this, a weird sort of psychedelic rhythmic acoustic guitar driven dronerock, laced with electronics, and tabla like percussion, a bit proggy and druggy and dreamy, the A side plays out like the first movement of an epic sidelong prog masterpiece, the guitars lush and shimmery, those tabla sound rhythms often run through glitched out effects, the melodies majestic and soaring, some classic sixties psych guitar laid over the top, it’s a shame it ends after only 5 minutes, when we had been plotting out the rest of the imagined song in our heads. Needless to say, it was a hugely pleasant surprise and had us hankering for more.

The B side adds vocals to the mix, Fannan’s hazy stoned croon, perfectly complimented by the warm, whirling acoustic strum and toy xylophone like percussion, the song ebbing and flowing in soft swells, even more than the first side, sounding like some lost sixties band, all Laurel Canyon, witchy folk flecked psychedelic classic rock, brooding and moody and darkly dreamy. Gorgeous stuff for sure, and here’s hoping they can manage a full length!

LIMITED TO 500 COPIES! Already sold out, we have the last 20 copies, and then this is gone for good. Like the other Valley King releases, super swank sleeves with striking cover art by artist Alan Forbes, signed and numbered, includes a sticker as well.

Valley King Records: Anywhere

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Anywhere began as a LA/SF collaborative project started by musicians Christian Eric Beaulieu and Cedric Bixler Zavala. Fresh off years of writing and touring as co-founder of Bay Area acid punk extremists Triclops!, Christian decided to immerse himself in the resonant universe of acoustic guitar and began performing solo under the moniker Liquid Indian. In early 2010 while in Los Angeles to perform at an art opening of mutual friend artist Sonny Kay, he befriended Cedric (singer of The Mars Volta) who was DJing  the event. The two exchanged numbers and planned to record something acoustic rooted in the open tuning, eastern raga style Christian was delving into. Months later the pair met in Los Angeles, enlisted the mobile engineering talent of Toshi Kasai (Big Business) and tracked an album’s worth of material in 2 days at The Melvins practice space in downtown Los Angeles. During that same visit Christian played live on “The Watt from Pedro Show” as the musical guest of Mike Watt (of The Stooges, fIREHOSE, Minutemen). After the show, before leaving San Pedro, Christian realized they needed bass on the new material, and boldly asked Watt if he’d contribute. Watt agreed immediately, and a few months later delivered the entire projects bass tracks. Returning to San Francisco, Christian decided to reach out to vocalist Rachel Fannan, who had recently parted ways with Bay Area psych rockers Sleepy Sun and had relocated to Los Angeles. Having never met Christian before, Rachel generously contributed vocals to two of the songs, while Cedric added vocals to three of the tracks leaving the rest to exist as instrumentals.

While searching for a label to release the album, Christian solicited the talent of SF psychedelic poster artist Alan Forbes. During a meeting to discuss art concepts, Alan revealed that he, along with his Secret Serpents partner Justin McNeal, had started a label called Valley King Records. They agreed to release the debut Anywhere album as a series of limited edition silk screened cover 7″s, all signed and hand numbered by Forbes.

The music captured on this material is a unique, resonant execution of what could be described as eastern acoustic punk. Likened to the voyeurism of Sandy Bull, Sir Richard Bishop, or Jack Rose style raga’s reinterpreted at times with Drive Like Jehu, Minutemen punk energy, other moments emotionally spiraling toward a haunting ethereal beauty akin to Vashti Bunyan or Grace Slick serenading desert ghosts on a lost Herzog soundtrack. Blending acoustic and minimal electric guitars with a multitude of percussion instrumentation, digital tabla machines, sci fi electronics and feedback, this avant garde collective of envelope pushing splatter artists have created a new presence. Modern mantras of electric silence that fuse consciousness into a recording of vibrant, transitional material  blending geographic as well as cultural diversity within the rhythms. Stillness amidst chaos, light below the depths, awareness of life turning into music, living inside the search for the sound.